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i don’t understand people these days. when we’re in class and a teacher assigns an in-class assignment, you complain about how much you don’t want to do it. so when you have to do it, you do it with a shitty attitude and shitty quality. hence you get a low grade. when you don’t do it, you get a zero on it. when you get your scores back later on, you interrupt class time to get mad at the teacher for giving you a score that brought down your class grade.

so you want the rewards without the responsibilities? that’s just grand. way to be a mature kid. really.

on top of that, complaining is really annoying. as in really really annoying. so when you complain about having to actually LEARN something in class, and you hear me tell you to suck it up or to deal with it or to stop complaining, then you can go ahead and think what you want to about me. i think you’re annoying when you complain, so if you think that i’m annoying when i tell you to stop complaining, then you can go ahead and feel that way. i have no objection to that. you can think the absolute worst things about me in the world; will i care? not really. no.

because if you don’t like what i say, then i will be perfectly okay with that. you can even tell me that you don’t like me or that you find me annoying. but i hope that you can understand that the only time i will ever deliberately say something that you don’t particularly like, it will be ONLY because you just said something that i didn’t like. because i’m not the type of person to get on people’s nerves out of the blue. but then again, i guess you don’t really know better when you’re getting on my nerves or not because, well, you don’t know me.

if you can come up to me and tell me to stop talking, then i have every right to do the same to you. whether or not we’ll actually cooperate with each other and do something is another story that i probably have just as many words for.

so here we are. two people. not really immensely close. we don’t hate each other either. you say something i find extremely annoying. i say something equally annoying back. you backlash and irritate me further. do i care? no. i say something back. do you care? you shouldn’t. why should you care what other people think about you? it’s only stupid society. everyone’s saying that you shouldn’t care what people think about you. so don’t care. be yourself. say what you want to say. i definitely will. because we don’t have to agree with each other, but i will most definitely acknowledge your right to dislike anything that i say or do. i may not necessarily respect you for it, but here we are. life goes on. get over it.

just know that every single one of your actions will definitely affect your outcome. and you must always earn your right to be able to do something.

maybe if you keep that in mind next time you want to complain something that i’ll surely comment on, we won’t have to get over this again. ;)

because these chicks are just fuckkkking annoying.

well gee, i think it’s like everyone met up and decided, “well hey, let’s make today annoy-the fuck-out-of-paulina day!”

NOT FAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! :’(((((((((( waaaaaaaaaaaah wtffff man. :(

a once in a fucking lifetime chance, and i couldnt get it only because you didnt feel like it. whatever.

well i can tell you there are a lot of things i’m NOT thankful for on this thanksgiving morning.



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what was the history hw?


the paper she gave us. instructions at the top.


read these three articles and write a summary on the first two only.


hey which article are we supposed to not write something for?

my mind:

motherfucker, i will hunt you down.

We all had to say a sentence in the imparfait. when it got to my turn, i said “J’avais—”

"NO THAT’S WRONG." interrupted by the girl sitting next to me.

fuck man, i just wanted to burst out at the bitch. like damn, we were supposed to say something in imparfait, so i started my fucking damn sentence, barely even started to say my second word, and this bitch interrupts me like the uppity chick she is, when none of “J’AVAIS” is incorrect in any way. IT WAS ONE WORD. I’M NOT A DUMBASS WHO DOESNT KNOW HOW TO CONJUGATE SIMPLE SHIT LIKE THIS. and to think, you are the one who asked me what the imparfait form was only less than five minutes before all this. what the fuck right do you have to interrupt someone’s speaking in such a rude and abrupt manner? especially when there was no shit wrong with whatever the fuck i was saying!

and then when i was finally able to finish my sentence, which still correctly started with “J’avais,” she fucking asked me for help on how i constructed my sentence right after i said it.
oh, the nerve.


have you ever hated someone for no reason and then all of a sudden they give you a reason to hate them and you start laughing because HA I KNEW I HATED YOU FOR A REASON


A question you highly dislike to be asked:

  • What is that that you’re drawing? What’s this supposed to be?
  • Are you awake?
  • Are you asleep?
  • Can i see last night’s homework? Can i copy your ___? (FUCK NO; PLAGIARISM DOESN’T FLY WITH ME)

i realize that’s more than one. there are actually more than this. buuuut yeah, can’t think of them.

DAY SIXTEEN. 3 July 12.

What you biggest pet peeve is, and why:

BAD GRAMMAR!!!! because it shows that one of two options:

  1. kiddies didn’t pay attention to the language arts segment of your class in the 2nd grade.
  2. some teachers aren’t doing their job right.

or a little bit of both.