This crap -____-hehehe i know it does! :D Yes but how do I find the degree of the other angle i need to get AC? OHHH okay :D then just multiply the solution from that by 17 for the cost? 

yahhhhh. :D for part a i got 196.717… is that what you gots? :)

ches ches (:now part c, i just say… ? 

YAYYYY ooh i like part C~! :D
kay, so now you know the value of BD because you gots it in the first part.
and so you can use the law of SINES now. ^^
sooooo sin115/BD = sinABD/70
plug in BD, and you should prooooob get 18.8 for ABD
  1. healingjutsu said: Law of cosine for part a :)